Just Stop Procrastinating!!

Just stop procrastinating and get things done!  There are so many things that hold us back in life and business but procrastination is one of the big ones. It can really hinder you if you let it. That’s why you need to find ways around it, get through it and get rid of it. Yes, it’s true that it will rear it’s ugly head every once and a while, but you have to be ready to fight it. It’s a big problem for many CEOs, business owners, founders and presidents. It’s bad for business and it can really get in the way of your work.

Sometimes you may procrastinate because you’re anxious about a business deal, you might be meeting someone new, you have a new project to start on but you’re fearful of the outcomes etc, etc….. Whatever the case may be, you have to stop it dead in its tracks. Sometimes you find yourself in a position where you might have to do something that you don’t want to  do but you have to do, then you hesitate and procrastinate. You’ve got to get out of that mode and develop some strategies to help you fight it.

Sometimes you may procrastinate because of low expectancy in a situation. You might have a low expectancy of success because something didn’t turn out right in the past. You hesitate to develop your strategic plan or strategic management system for your business. You procrastinate on setting goals for your life, business and career. You doubt your ability to follow through on a diet program or business deal. You don’t expect to get the job. You think that it’s not a good idea to start a business or continue in your current business. You may not have your priorities together and the most important things get pushed to the side and they never get taken care of until a week later, month later, year later or never etc, etc…..

We all put off what we dislike. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it or pay attention to it. Sometimes the thing that you dislike is the thing or situation that you need to handle first. Sometimes you’ve just got to bite the bullet, take things head on, get things organized in your life and business, get counseling and consulting, line up your priorities, develop your strategic plan and strategic management system, learn to think strategically, develop better decision-making skills etc, etc…. So when you are faced with this monster called procrastination, you can face it and not back down.

Everybody procrastinates at something and no one is perfect. You have to know how to handle certain situations and learn not to  procrastinate when that feeling comes over you. When you can’t fight it alone, you just need a little motivation to get things moving in the right direction or you just need someone to talk to, it’s always wise to reach out and talk to a counselor and consultant. Especially in business you need a counselor and consultant who can help you to fight your challenges, face your fears and point you in the right direction.

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